Holistic Health & Well-Being

A growing collection of free guides for

holistic health and personal development.


Here are the short guides which are currently included for you to read in the free members library:

Massage Therapy

(38 page guide)

Introduction to massage therapy

Which type of therapy to use

Key benefits of main types of therapy

Chronic Fatigue & Illness

(24 page guide)

The 5 hidden problems of chronic fatigue

How to recognise key stressors

Action steps for improving your well-being

Emotional Wellness

(21 page guide)

25 key ways to improve your well-being

Check your own emotional habits

Ideas for great emotional health

Healthy Relationships

(16 page guide)

Contains 40 key characteristics

Check if your relationship is healthy

Inspiration for better relationships

Natural Therapies

(63 page guide)

Introduction to using natural therapies

Which therapies are best for certain types of pain

Outlines how each therapy works

Stress Reduction

(23 page guide)

101 ways to reduce stress in your life

Provides inspirational ideas

Outlines key areas for healthy living

Difficult Emotions

(17 page guide)

Stop avoidance as a coping strategy

Ways to process your emotions

Key practices for emotional health

Toxic Relationships

(29 page guide)

How to recognise toxic behaviours

Why these patterns occur

How to leave an unhealthy relationship


(22 page guide)

Loving yourself unconditionally

Differences between self-esteem and ego

Developing habits for self-care

What's included...

  Chronic Fatigue & Illness
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  Stress Reduction
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  Emotional Health
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  Natural Therapies
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Available in days
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  Skills for Life
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