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Continuous Learning Programme

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Would you like to be able to get a regular stream of new learning courses and content about holistic living and spiritual growth? To ask questions when you need to, and also have access to a growing library of learning resources, without having to commit to the intensity of a one-to-one coaching programme?

If the answer is yes, then you may be interested in becoming a member of the Academy.

Members will get regular new courses, videos and tools to help keep them inspired and motivated for their own journey of health and spiritual growth.

Plus, our video collection is based on a Q and A format. So, as any questions come up in your life, you can ask them, and get an answer through the members resources.

What type of membership is it?

It is specifically for soul-centred people who want to explore holistic well-being, mindfulness, and spiritual growth. Basically, we will be exploring the journey from stress and illness, through to self-realization, and everything in-between.

So, if you are in need of ongoing motivation, practical resources, and being able to get answers when you need to, this is a good option for you.

Not only will you get to access regular new content which will help you to integrate the process of awakening into your life, but you will also be able to request the content which is created, so that it will be highly relevant for you...

Who's it for?

Here are the main types of people who would be suited to joining this programme:

  • Heart-centred people who are struggling with stress, burnout, or exhaustion, and want to know how to feel better.
  • People who have chronic pain, fatigue or illness and who want to access ongoing emotional support.
  • Individuals who are interested in holistic health, and want to know how to use natural health practices in their everyday life.
  • People who are on a path of personal growth, and want to improve their relationships, finances, emotions, health, and to experience their best life.
  • Spiritual seekers who want to explore the nature of mind, consciousness, and spirituality on their path of awakening.

It doesn't really matter where you are on this journey right now. Some people may be looking for tools which help for overcoming stress and burnout, others may be more interested in awakening. It's a continuum - an ongoing journey. You can move along it to the extent that feels right for you.

How will becoming a member help me?

Good question. Here's a few benefits of being a member:

  • Motivation: It can be challenging to keep your momentum going on this journey, so having a regular stream of new content will help you stay on track for success...
  • Learning: The subscription will include a growing collection of videos and writings which answer your questions and help you to make progress
  • Resources: Plus, you will get access to coaching exercises and meditations to help you integrate more health and happiness into your life
  • Solutions: You can submit your questions through the portal, and get them answered within the library.

Does this sound right for you? Then just skip to the bottom of this page, pop your name on the form so that I know you are interested, and I will be in touch again soon with more details as soon as we open for members...

What's going to be included...

Access to our growing library of resources:

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Holistic health guides
  • Coaching exercises
  • Meditations
  • Latest on-demand workshop
  • Discounted online courses

Would you like to know when open

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