Would you like to understand the nature of life?

Are you on a spiritual path? Do you have an innate knowing that there is something more to life? Do you feel yourself drawn to finding out everything that you can to fill this void? To know on the deepest levels who you really are?

If so, then read on to find out how I can help you get the insights you are seeking.

Making real progress on your spiritual journey...

Anyone who has a serious desire to understand life will no doubt be aware that the area of spirituality and religion contains a multitude of strong opinions, and conflicting points of view....

It can be so difficult to know which way to turn, and it can leave you feeling overwhelmed by such a myriad of viewpoints.

Here are just a few of the problems that spiritual seekers often experience during their search. Do you recognise any of them?

  • You have been following a particular spiritual path but you still feel confused, as if you aren't quite getting it...
  • The teachings that you are following don't fully align with your own experience - but you presume you must still have something else to learn...
  • You are trying unsuccessfully to make sense of the suffering and violence which exists in the world...
  • You know that certain practices are associated with spirituality but aren't sure why?
  • You want to know if spiritual beings exist, and if so what is their role in your life?
  • You want to understand what spiritual experiences actually are...

If these things sound familiar, and you want to finally address them, then you may find one-to-one spiritual coaching helpful.

How to recognise a genuine spiritual mentor...

  • They don't get caught up in elaborate stories. Spiritual awakening is about recognising the deeper nature of who you are. It's the opposite of getting caught up in stories that your ego loves. Make sure you don't inadvertently get caught up in the marketing.
  • They do not have a personal agenda. If someone is telling you that their way is the right one, or they are acting in a way that is inconsistent with genuine compassion and wisdom, then maybe take a moment to question their motives...
  • They can be objective. There are many different paths to spiritual awakening. A genuine mentor will recognise this, and will help you to navigate your own path, not try and get you to follow a particular doctrine.
  • They can help you get from where you are now, to where you want to be. In order to be able to do this effectively, your mentor must have been through the journey themselves, and have enough insight to be able to take you through the blocks to your own wisdom. This requires having studied spirituality in-depth, and from multiple perspectives.

Here's how this programme can help you...

Individually tailored programme - just for you

This spiritual awakening programme is designed around the issues that you want to explore on your personal journey.

Everyone has a unique path which is influenced by your past experiences, your current situation, and the goals that you are seeking.

So, it's important that your mentor can adapt your programme for you, and recognise on a deeper level what it is that need to know right now.

Develop the wisdom you are seeking

It's a programme is for genuine seekers who want to understand the nature of consciousness, spiritual experience, and the perennial philosophy which underpins most religions.

There is no hidden agenda, no pressure, no religious doctrine.

Simply an authentic meeting of souls making time and space for your own awakening.

Integrate awakening into your life

Once you have answered the questions that you have been seeking, then the process of self-realization really begins - as you integrate your insights into your everyday life.

A theoretical and experiential spiritual wisdom is great - but there are so many pitfalls that people fall into. This programme can help you to recognise them so that you remain spiritually aligned with ease.

The Spiritual Awakening Coaching Programme

will help you to explore:

A deeper comparison of religion and spirituality

The nature of existence, life and death

The soul and reincarnation


The nature of your experience

Dimensions of the mind and body

Spiritual practices and states of consciousness


Making sense of evil and suffering

Moving beyond popular spiritual myths

Wisdom and real spiritual awakening

What's included:

One-to-one consultations

The spiritual awakening programme includes six consultations.. I prefer a natural approach to our sessions, so the time may vary slightly, but is usually between 60 and 75 minutes long.

The programme is held over a period of three months, and we meet up for our one-to-one online session once every two weeks for the duration of your programme.

But this programme is not just about one-to-one consultations. The focus is on getting you the results that you want, and teaching you the skills so that you need to make lasting changes in your life....

Bespoke step-by-step programme

Once you enrol, you let me know what you want to get from this programme. Then we will devise an overall plan together to help you reach your goals.

There are a number of topics which are important to include in your programme so that you develop the skills for long term change. But we will also look at the issues which are the most important for you right now.

Everyone has unique problems that they are dealing with and your programme will be designed to provide the highest level of benefit for you.

Discussion and insights

In each session we have an in-depth discussion about a single topic which you want to explore.

Then we will look at all the ways it is creating problems for you, and dissolve any unhelpful habits or beliefs that may be holding you back from living an awakened life.

Consolidation exercises

As I mentioned previously, this programme is about creating the changes you want to make in your life. So in each session, you may also set milestones to help you to develop your spiritual awareness.

Your milestones will consolidate what we have covered in each session. In addition, I may also suggest some simple exercises, reading or resources which you may find helpful.

Explore the nature of life..

Spirituality has always been an integral part of my life. I have spent many decades as a genuine seeker - exploring how spiritual practices, beliefs and doctrines relate to the nature of life, and also to my own experiences.

It was only when I decided to return to university for my degrees in Eastern and Western philosophy and religion that I finally found the answers that I was looking for... Not because of what I learnt on an intellectual level, but because of the process of being able to recognise, and let go of the remaining beliefs which had stood in the way of my own innate wisdom.

Ultimately, awakening is being able to understand the nature of mind and personal experience on the deepest levels, and to integrate that wisdom into your life.

Having formally studied metaphysics, philosophy of mind, and spirituality, has helped me to get the answers I was looking for. Now I am happy to share what I have learnt with other people who are on a similar path. So, if you are a sincere spiritual seeker who wants to understand the nature of life, then contact me and I can guide you through the process...

Programme and Pricing Options

One-to-one coaching for exploring the nature of life,
and developing self-realization

Discounts apply when you enrol onto longer programmes, and for single payments

(compared to a monthly consultation programme)

3 month programme - pricing options

6 x consultations plus support: £375 (save £15)

  • One consultation every 2 weeks
  • Up to 2.5 hours one-to-one coaching per month

Payment options

  • Payment plan: 3 x £125
  • Or single payment: 1 x £360 (save extra £15)


  • 6 x consultations
  • Bespoke programme
  • Honest and open discussions
  • Explore any spirituality-based subject

A few questions that you can explore in this programme...

  • Is consciousness the foundation of life?
  • What is the soul?
  • What are the real differences between spirituality and religion?
  • What are near-death experiences?
  • Do you need to do spiritual practices?
  • Why is there suffering and evil in the world?
  • How can you live an ethical life?
  • What does meditation have to do with spirituality?
  • How do you find your souls purpose?
  • What is a dark night of the soul

Enrol onto the Journey of Spiritual Awakening programme here...

Please fill out the form below to let me know which topics or questions you would like to explore in your programme...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule my appointment?

When you enrol onto this programme, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your appointment.

I usually book online sessions between Monday and Thursday, and during regular office hours (GMT).

Please note that I require a minimum of 72 hours advance notice for all bookings, or changes to appointment times.

I prefer to let sessions flow naturally, rather than clock-watching. Each session usually lasts for about a hour, but please leave a little extra time in your diary, just in case we need it.

What if I change my mind?

Coaching requires a particular level of personal commitment from both of us, for the duration of your selected programme.

Please ensure that you feel ready to make this commitment before enrolling.

I do not provide refunds due to the nature of this service, and because of the time commitment that I put in from the outset.

However, if you feel unsatisfied with your coaching programme for any reason, then you can contact me directly so that we can find a solution.

Can I book this programme again?

Yes, of course.

You have two options if you want more one-to-one support:

  1. If you want a higher level of support - book the same programme again to get a structured programme which includes 2 x sessions per month over a 3 month period.
  2. If you want a less intensive option - book the 'Evolving Health & Wisdom' coaching programme for one session per month, over 6 months.

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